Meditation Infused Workouts

Training your mind is equally as important as training your body.

Come sweat with us! Strengthen your mind + body with high energy, meditation-infused workouts built around an inclusive community. 

On-Demand, Live Streaming & In-Person

At first, meditation and intense training might appear to be completely at odds. Yet merging these two seemingly rival techniques is exactly what we need. We recognize that devoting separate time to each practice just isn't realistic for most of us, and when given the choice between the two, of course most people will choose to train their bodies. The purpose of our LIFTED platform is to help you experience the benefits of both in one challenging and effective workout, surrounded by a inclusive and like-minded community.

A Class for Everybody

On-Demand & Live Streaming

No matter your fitness level, we will build your foundation step by step and get
clearer, stronger, and happier together, every day!


Our signature class is a combination of strength training and/or metabolic interval training blended with short meditations for a big calorie burn while building lean muscle.

HIIT + Yoga

Get it all in one with this class of strength training, metabolic interval training, and a yoga flow to balance the mind-body connection.


Clear directions and constructive alignment cues will guide you through our flows that focus on "The 3 B's": Body, Breath, Brain.


Our signature beat-based and heart pumping class on a bike. Sweat, dance, and maybe even sing, while you LIFT your mood and torch calories.

HIIT + Ride

Our two most popular classes blended into one! Half of our HIIT and half of our Ride in a fun combo class. Don't have a bike yet? Don't worry! Some members use a jump rope or a treadmill.


Pilates is no longer something people turn to just because they ‘want better abs’. Pilates is the real workout game changer when it comes to strengthening and lengthening.

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Let's get down!

What happens on the mat, doesn't stay on the mat. 

Hi, I'm Holly,
I'm a professional athlete, Nike Master Trainer, and Best Selling Author with over 20 years of experience.

LIFTED is a holistic approach to fitness designed to give you the tools to reach your goals, not only in relation to fitness but also in your personal and professional life.


About us

To each their own.

1 Class | 50 min


Live Streaming 

Choose your class and take it live, as it's happening. We believe in the power of the "shout out".


6 Classes


Live Streaming & On-Demand

Buy a 6-Pack and choose your favorite classes. You can take them live, as they're happening, or later on-demand.




Unlimited On-Demand Classes

Enough variety and motivation to get you off that sofa and on the mat, or your bike! HIIT, HIIT+Yoga, Yoga, Pilates, Express Recovery, Strength, Ride, HIIT+Ride...We have classes for everyone!




Unlimited Live & On-Demand Classes
and much more.

Our most exclusive offer.
Gift yourself a true white-glove, tailored experience: with Unlimited you will have access to all of our live streaming and on-demand classes. Additionally, as an Unlimited Member, you have exclusive access to our weekly huddle: a coaching call led by Holly Rilinger and other experts.

*Are you a first-time client looking to try UNLIMITED for 15 days at no cost? Get in touch with us!


What they say about us.

See more than one class you’d like to try? Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited classes.
Any class, any time: you’ll get access to them all!

"I have learned to be accountable to myself and for myself, which has given me the courage to transform my body, my career, and my mindset ."
Suzanne Silber
"If you want to be powerfully fit and healthy, LIFTED will show you the way."
Charles Scott
"This community has been truly life-changing, I am stronger inside and out. With this team alongside me, I am not only conquering my physical goals but my professional and personal goals as well!"
Natalie Overton
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“LIFTED is more than just exercising for me, rather it’s a lifestyle which supports my mental health, fitness and nutrition goals and it makes me appreciate being part of a community.”
Megan Wolff
"When I joined LIFTED in 2018 I had no idea it would turn out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. 
LIFTED program will deliver results when the work is put in. I am talking full body mind and spirit which proved to be vital during COVID. 

My 20lb weight loss was just an added cherry on top of an already delicious sundae"
Amber Laign
"The big difference I feel after more than a year in LIFTED is that now I know I have an edge, I see it and I push myself to get there as opposed to doubting myself & committing to try again tomorrow, as I was once used to."
Rachel Kelleher

What can you expect from our classes?

Here at LIFTED we are all about getting your body moving, creating community and having fun.

Real, Live Coaching & Instruction.

We don't just stream classes and leave you to yourself. Even the most seasoned athletes need a coach to give them corrections and support.
Our trainers carefully monitor their screens to check in on you. That's why we keep our classes small and cozy! We believe in the power of the "shout-out"!

Supportive Teammates.

When you become a member, you'll have unlimited access to our online, members-only space, which includes exclusive content and access to digital and in-person events. Let's not forget the members-only WhatsApp chat thread - a tidal wave of community 24/7.

Different Classes. World Class Trainers.

We believe that fitness is a  journey and a lifestyle. It's not just about getting through a workout and counting calories (boring).

We’ll mix it up: different instructors, different classes and tunes, and of course a different program for each class.

Have fun and get fit, even
if the gym
 isn't your thing.

You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to come groove with us. LIFTED is all about getting your body moving, your mind flowing and connecting with what we call your SQUAD. Join us and live a clearer, stronger and happier life.
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