New Live & On-Demand Classes Daily

Enough variety and motivation  to get you off that sofa  and on the mat, or your bike! 

Real, Live Coaching & Interaction

We don't expect you to figure it out yourself. Our classes are kept at small capacity so our trainers can interact with every participant.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is a device and internet connection. We are there for you virtually every step of the way.

New Live & On-Demand Classes Daily

Enough variety and motivation  to get you off that sofa  and on the mat or the bike! 

Real, Live Coaching & Interactions

We don't expect you to figure it out your self. Our classes are kept at small capacity so our trainers can pay attention to every singular student and so that students can interact with one another.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

You just need a device that connects to internet and has a screen! Through browser or app we are always there with you.

Why LIFTED Unlimited Membership?


Are you committed to unlocking your true potential? There’s a difference between interest and commitment.
When you’re interested in doing something you do it when it’s convenient.
When you're committed to something you connect to it on a deeper level.  

Personalized Experience

What makes us unique, and every LIFTED member can vouch for this, is that our classes are designed to give you a personal training experience. Groups are small and your trainer will give you live corrections and encouragement.
You are not left alone to figure it out yourself, we are here to coach you.

Login Anywhere

As long as you have internet access, you can take our live classes or take classes on-demand wherever you are.

Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule at your local gym, take your favorite class, live or on-demand,  at your own convenience. We've got classes for early birds and night owls alike!

Different Classes + World-Class Trainers

You're no longer required to take a class from the one instructor at your local studio. Find your favorite class and experience the difference of being trained by top-class trainers!

Supportive Community

This is the magic of our platform and what makes it special Our members are fron all over the world and is community filled with lively and supportive individuals. You'll never feel alone or left out. If you are new to training or you feel intimidated when walking into a new workout environment, our online classes are for you! Try different programs from the comfort of your living room, while learning the basics from your very own coach.

Incredible Retreats

Our members have exclusive access to our Retreat Workshop in the Dominican Republic. Picture a perfect tropical paradise where you get to go surfing and horseback riding while training in person with your favorite trainers and teammates.


A class for every palate.


Our signature class is a combination of strength training, metabolic interval training and short recovery-inducing, meditative practices - all blended in a class designed to improve your mental endurance as much as your physical fitness. Get ready for the workout that science proves is the most effective to build strength and burn calories in the least amount of time.

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Clear directions and constructive alignment cues will guide you through our yoga flow focused on "The 3 B's": Body, Breath, Brain. These classes are designed to compliment our other LIFTED offerings by focusing on increased flexibility and bringing awareness to the mind-body connection. All levels are welcome, whether you have been practicing for years or are brand new to yoga we will help you cultivate or deepen your mindfulness practice.

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Flat roads, jogs, hills, intervals, speed work—set to a killer playlist. If you’re looking for a cycling class that offers every possible challenge and off the charts music, don't look any further. Expect a challenging and inspiring ride that requires zero experience. Indoor cycling is a tremendously effective low impact way to improve cardiovascular health. Torch calories while getting a total-body workout that works all of the major muscle groups.

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Pilates is no longer something people turn to just because they ‘want better abs’. Pilates is the real workout game changer when it comes to strengthening and lengthening. When strength comes from the correct place and when a movement is executed with the whole body working in correct balance, the result will tone and sculpt your body in ways no other exercise form can. Take this class on your active recovery days.

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Heavier weights designed to help you change your body composition and improve strength. Less reps, slower movements and tons of instruction and coaching. Get ready to feel the burn and build strength while revving up your metabolic engine. 

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