Train in-person with Holly

Choose between The Hamptons or NYC studio.

All you need is to commit, to yourself.


Feel the power of your squad both in our NYC classes and small group training sessions at the LIFTED STUDIO in East Hampton.  Lift heavier, cheer louder and go harder by harnessing the energy of your squad. As a full-time member you will have access to class discounts and first bookings for both classes and events like LIFTED ADVENTURE CAMP. 

We keep our group classes and semi-private training sessions small to give you the attention you need from your very own world-class trainer, Holly!


1 Class


Classes with Holly

Weekly classes are offered at our NYC Studio (ENERGI at 182 Lafayette) and open to all fitness levels! We keep class sizes small and manageable so Holly can give you personalized coaching and attention.

This is a first class ticket you can use to book any in-person class. 

1 Session


Semi-Private Training with Holly

In our Hamptons Studio, you can enjoy being fully taken care of and trained by your very own, world-class trainer, Holly! These classes are kept to a maximum of 10 people.

This is a first class ticket you can use to book any Semi-Private Training class.