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Online Classes:
Live Streaming & On-Demand

1 Class


Live Streaming

Take a class live, as it's happening.  During the summer, classes taught by Holly and Jen Ford are also available to be taken in person from The Hamptons studio in East Hampton (35 Kings Point Road).


6 Classes


Live Streaming & On-Demand

Do you have a favorite trainer or a class? Buy a 6-Pack and take only your favorite classes. You can take them live, as they're happening, or later on-demand.


1 Class


On-Demand ONLY

Choose a class that already happened and take it whenever you want, wherever you like!

This is a first-class ticket you can use to take the On-Demand class of your choosing.


Unlimited & On-Demand



Unlimited Live & On-Demand Classes
and much more.

Our most exclusive offer.
Gift yourself a true white-glove, tailored experience: with Unlimited you will have access to all of our live streaming and on-demand classes. Additionally, as an Unlimited Member, you have exclusive access to our weekly huddle: a coaching call led by Holly Rilinger and other experts.

*Are you a first-time client looking to try UNLIMITED for 15 days at no cost? Get in touch with us!




Unlimited On-Demand Classes

Enough variety and motivation to get you off that sofa and on the mat, or your bike! HIIT, Strength, HIIT+Yoga, Yoga, Pilates, Express Recovery, Ride, HIIT+Ride...We have classes for every palate!

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In-Person Classes: Group & Semi-Private

Semi-Private classes are offered in our LIFTED Hampton's Studio and are limited to 10 people. 

Group Training classes take place at The Clubhouse in East Hampton (174 Daniels Hole road) and occasionally other pop-up locations. Check the schedule for special events!

1 Class / Session


Semi-private session


Weekly small group strength training classes are offered at our Hamptons Studio (35 Kings Point Road) and open to all fitness levels! We keep class sizes small and manageable so Holly can give you personalized coaching and attention. Classes are Monday and Friday 8:00am and 9:15am in the summer.

Group Class


Group Classes take place at THE CLUBHOUSE in East Hampton (174 Daniels Hole Road) on Sundays in the summer at 9:45am



Adventure Camp 2022



Participate virtually in our Adventure Camp Workouts!

Every year the LIFTED team reunites on the palm tree-lined shores of the Dominican Republic for our semi-annual Adventure Camp.
In this Challenge, you'll have exclusive access to a series of exclusive *On-Demand Classes recorded in the Dominican Republic.

Throughout this 10-day Challenge, brand new 10 to 20-minute on-demand workouts will be released daily. 

Your 10-day Challenge is designed to steadily, but rapidly, grow your physical and mental fitness!

The Challenge includes a variety of Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Stretching, & Meditation classes. 

Exercise + Meditate with my team and I while enjoying some tropical vibes! 🏝


*Our regularly scheduled live-streamed classes, are not included in this Challenge. If you want to sign-up for a Live-Stream Class, click here for our Schedule. 


You can find the Challenge in your Hub.













4-weeks of personalized coaching from Holly Rilinger.

We understand that fitness programs can be intimidating, especially when it comes to strength training.

What if you could gain confidence through personalized coaching and guidance, and feel comfortable in any class, as in your everyday life? 

In this program you will: 

  • Learn proper exercise form
  • Grasp nutritional concepts
  • Connect to a supportive community
  • Gain overall confidence 

If you have been standing at the side lines too afraid to jump in or just need a little refresher, this program is for you. Here’s your chance to learn the basics of the LIFTED program.

Join me in what could be the beginning of your new life!

*Our regularly scheduled live-streamed classes, are not included in this Challenge. If you want to sign-up for a Live-Stream Class, click here for our Schedule. 


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I'm in-it-to-win-it

  • Unlimited Live Classes
  • Unlimited On Demand Classes
  • ‍HIIT
  • Yoga
  • HIIT & Yoga
  • Express Recovery
  • Pilates
  • Ride
  • HIIT & Ride
  • Weekly Huddle Call
    Coaching call lead by Holly Rilinger and other experts
  • WhatsApp Group
  • Private Facebook Group
15 Days Free Trial

Why LIFTED Unlimited Membership?


Personalized Experience

What makes us unique, and every LIFTED member can vouch for this, is that our classes are designed to give you a personal training experience. Groups are small and your trainer will give you live corrections and encouragement. You are not left alone to figure it out yourself, we are here to coach you.

Login Anywhere

As long as you have internet access, you can take our live classes or watch on-demand classes wherever you are.

Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule at your local gym, take your favorite class, live or on-demand,  at your own convenience. We've got classes for early-birds and night owls alike!

Different Classes + World Class Trainers

Find your favorite class and experience the difference of being trained by top-class trainers! Branch out and take classes that you may not typically take. 


This is the real magic of our membership. Our members thrive on community and inclusivity. You'll never feel alone or left out. If you are new to training or you feel intimidated when walking into a new class, our online classes are for you! Try different programs from the comfort of your living room, while learning the basics from your very own coach.

Give the Gift of Happiness 


Unlimited Live & On-Demand Classes
and much more.

Give a friend or a loved one a true white-glove, tailored experience: with Unlimited they will have access to all of our Live Streaming and On-Demand Classes. Additionally, as an Unlimited Member, they will have exclusive access to our gorgeous retreats and our weekly Huddle: a coaching call led by Holly Rilinger and other experts. 


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